Pendragon Official Soundtrack


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The Official Soundtrack to Pendragon, composed by Laurence Chapman and performed by Leos Strings. An Introduction by Laurence Chapman, composer After finishing Heaven’s Vault it was a thrill to be asked again by inkle to score one of their games. And what a contrast! From following Aliya through the nebula and worlds of Heaven’s Vault, I found myself wandering through the forests and courts of Arthurian England. Central to the music is Arthur’s Call which wends its way through the score in a variety of guises before triumphantly re-emerging in the finale, Camlaan Passacaglia. My thanks to Jack Pilcher-May for bringing this theme to life so wonderfully. A huge thank you to Rachel Shakespeare at Brookspeare Music and all the musicians who were able to adapt to the Covid-19 restrictions and record the score with their usual flair and professionalism. The Pendragon Band Violins: Elaine Ambridge, Elise Harper & Naomi Rump Violas: Simon Howes & Laurie Dempsey Cello: Rachel Shakespeare Flutes: Helen Wilson Clarinets: Tom Evans Horn: Jack Pilcher-May Harp: Olivia Jaguers Piano & Tambourine: Laurence Chapman   Tracklist: [1:21] Arthur’s Call [6:34] Pendragon [3:03] One Tale More [4:56] The Dream of Camelot [2:36] The Memory of Honour [5:13] The Lady in the Lake [5:03] Camlann Passacaglia [5:12] Pendragon Fantasia