Paquerette Down the Bunburrows – Soundtrack


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Herbie Puppy’s *bips* and *boops* to set the mood for intensive bunny-catching~ TRACK LISTING [01:55] White Floof [00:39] Birdy Forest [04:17] The Bunny Hole [04:17] The Bunny Hole (chill ver.) [04:48] Sea Bunnies [03:41] Munchy, Crunchy Buns [03:41] Munchy, Crunchy Buns (chill ver.) [03:02] Now you’re thinking with Bunnies [03:02] Now you’re thinking with Bunnies (chill ver.) [03:10] Deeper and Deeper [03:10] Deeper and Deeper (chill ver.) [02:48] The Word of Bun [02:15] Searing Buns, Melting Brains [02:15] Searing Buns, Melting Brains (chill ver.) [02:48] Radiant Bun [03:07] Familiar Thoughts of Melting Deep Sea Holes [02:23] A Familiar Shop (bonus track) ARTIST: Herbie Puppy COMPOSER: Herbie Puppy