Original War


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Russia is in disarray, but unknowingly sits on a mineral that could see her rule the world. This mineral, Siberite, is a catalyst for Cold Fusion. America knows about Siberite and sets out to make sure that it never falls into Russian hands. Take control of US marines sent on a one-way trip into the past to move the Siberite into American territory or command Russian troops to go back and keep it where it is. Whatever you decide, beware the Arab mercenaries who only want to see the Siberite destroyed! In game you can train a team of different members specializing as soldiers, mechanics, scientists or engineers. You can also build vehicles of your own design or you can steal hi-tech plans from your opponent. Everything is up to you in this mix of role playing and real time strategy. The future is in your capable hands, soldier! Features: Rewrite the history of the future by battling your rivals in the past A great, complex plot in which even individual units have a backstory of their own Change your units’ specializations to better suit the needs of the battlefield Legacy version of Original War is also included. It supports operating systems older than Windows 7.