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A visual novel that describes the story of a man who wakes up and is transferred to a parallel world.FEATURES1+ hours of story Full Japanese voice acting by seasoned professionalsSUMMARYIt all happened after the grand adventure that was NUKITASHI… The war is over, and Junnosuke Tachibana, savior of Seiran Island, spends his days with his buddies reminiscing over victories past. True coexistence has now been achieved, and peace will continue for years to come—or so he believes. One fateful day, a grave data-related incident results in him breaking through the speed of light, transporting Junnosuke and his friends to a parallel world.CHARACTERS Touka Reizeiin (Voice: Sakura Hanazawa) FS representative and student council president of Minotsuki Academy. A girl with perfect looks and charisma—who leads her peers in the parallel world as well. Capable of overseeing everything from normal operations to strategic planning to direct combat and more, she is a major contender for Seiran’s strongest islander. Outside of work, however, she is even clumsier and sloppier than Asane—and that’s putting it mildly. Although she and Junnosuke are incompatible with each other due to their history, he has no choice but to look out for her here as she can barely take care of herself. Rei Tadasugawa (Voice: Nanami Mizuno) De facto second-in-charge as president of Minotsuki Academy’s disciplinary committee. Her skills range from miscellaneous duties to battlefield command, though as a dedicated worker, she ends up being pushed around by Touka in her daily life. She is a bit depressed when she comes to the parallel world, but her cheerful antics still win out. She is very close to Junnosuke and helps him in any way she can. Ikuko Onabuta (Voice: Aria Kurata) Commander of the First Squad, possessing the highest actual combat capability in Minotsuki Academy’s FS. One of the strongest fighters in direct combat, she’s also a diehard battle fanatic who resents the existence of anyone stronger than she is, and has no qualms about making it known to anyone within shouting distance. Always a maverick, her arrival in the parallel world reveals a side to her that catches Junnosuke by surprise. Hinami Watarai (Voice: Shino Amekawa) An older girl with a huge heart. Put a folding chair in her hands and she can also dish out some mean DPS, more than earning her position as the team’s main attacker. Nanase Katagiri (Voice: Hitomi Yanagi) Junnosuke’s legendary classmate. Filling a scouting role for the NLNS, she fights on the most dangerous of front lines armed with various nefarious spy items. Misaki Hotori (Voice: Nagi Koharu) Junnosuke’s quieter classmate. Also a resident badass, riding all kinds of vehicles from bicycles to fighter jets. Still somehow operates under the impression that she is plain and utterly unremarkable. Asane Tachibana (Voice: Soramame.) Junnosuke’s younger sister is a reclusive, foul-mouthed, and frequently difficult individual. She develops spy items and controls the Ariadne Protocol escape assistance program. However, she seems dissatisfied with her brother’s recent activities… Fumino Kotoyose (Voice: Poplar Sawano) A young woman believed to be the key to abolishing the old island order. She serves as a sniper for the group, keeping Junnosuke out of harm’s way at a distance. Susuko (Voice: Natyu Aizawa) A junior member of the FS Fifth Division. Ever smiling and energetic, she is not afraid of alt-world Junnosuke, insisting that he’s mentally still the same old insecure dweeb. She loves to have fun and is often seen acting on that with Junnosuke. That thing on her shoulder is her pet cockatoo. Schubert (Voice: Makoto Kaburagi) NO DATA… Rin Hanamaru (Voice: Haru Amachi) Hands down the biggest problem child of them all. Already ruthlessly ambitious, in the parallel world, she’s now a devotee of a certain local god and does as she pleases upon receiving a divine revelation. As the prideful “SHO Special Auditor’s Aide,” she is obsessed with bringing down Touka and alt-world Junnosuke, though it doesn’t usually go as planned. This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. Buying this game on GOG you will receive a censored version of the game.