Northgard – Cross of Vidar Expansion Pack

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Northgard: Cross of Vidar is a Northgard’s expansion pack bringing a new campaign to the game that takes place in an entirely new civilization: The Southern Kingdoms. This expansion also introduces a new faction unlike any seen before in Northgard, The Kingdom of Neustria. After uniting all of the clans behind him, Rig will have to prepare them against Ragnarök but the clan’s faith in the King seems to diminish as time passes. It might be time for them to find a new home, but this won’t be an easy task… I. STORY – CROSS OF VIDAR Separated and left with no choice after Ragnarök but to abandon their land, Rig, Liv and Svarn arrive in Neustria, land of the Southern Kingdoms, where they meet new leaders and become embroiled in a series of conflicts and alliances. Along with these other leaders, they will take part in a quest for the three swords, forged by the Norns and forming the Cross of Vidar, a unique artifact, part Norse and part Neustrian that is said to hold the power to put an end to Ragnarök. II. THE FACTION – THE KINGDOM OF NEUSTRIA Focused on their faith and military, the Kingdom of Neustria is one of the most important factions of the Southern Kingdoms. But as with the clans of Northgard, the Kingdom of Neustria seems to be similarly divided between alliances, betrayals and political agreements. III. THE WARCHIEF – HILDEGARDE Religious and visionary, Hildegarde wants to assemble the Cross of Vidar following a vision of a devastating apocalypse in the North. To achieve her divine purpose, Hildegarde seeks unification and reconciliation within her Kingdom. Separated into 2 acts, the Cross of Vidar’s campaign will follow up from where the first one ended. This 4-5 hour long new story brings new gameplay elements, replayability and will serve as an introduction to the future of Northgard… It is composed of: Cross of Vidar Cross of Vidar: Epilogue