No Ghost in Sky Elevator

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On the 60th floor of a mysterious high-rise building, Yumi rides the elevator down. Strange people and animals enter the elevator. Various objects beyond the open doors. Mysterious phenomena…. It is up to you to find out what kind of consequences they will have for her. Yumi, who is scared, must be chanting in her mind. Don’t worry. There are no ghosts. There will never be any ghosts……. ===== This is a click game with multiple endings and takes only a few minutes to play. 21 different endings await you and Yumi. Stopping at a floor in the middle of the game? Do you open the door on the floor where someone stopped you? Or refuse? Get an item? Who will you use it on? … and many other “actions” will lead you and Yumi to various outcomes. The game is also a puzzle solving game where you can buy “hints” for the ending you have not seen yet with the in-game coins, and compare them with the conditions of the ending you have already seen. Will Yumi be able to reach the 1F… and her “daily life”?