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IN THE BATTLE FOR YOUR LIFE, THERE IS NO SECOND PLACE. In the future, racing has become a deadly bloodsport – where staying alive is the only prize. NECRODOME is a real-time, 3D, futuristic motorized mayhem that puts you at the wheel of an incredibly powerful armored vehicle – bristling with hi-tech weapons. Win or die in 30 daunting arenas. Keep on winning and you’ll make it to the Necrodome! Not to be mistaken for one of those boring race games, NECRODOME is first and foremost about survival. Drive around and blast anything that moves! And if your vehicle gets thrashed, don’t give up – run for your life, commandeer another vehicle, or continue the battle on foot! This old-school 3D real-time shooter features a “super-realistic” environment from the 90s. Performance-based vehicle upgrades. Multiple camera angles. And more gut-twisting action than you can handle!