Mutant Football League – Diami Krakens


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Diami Krakens team The Krakens added WR phenom Tyfreak Thrill and paired him with Whaling Throttle, so now they have speed that kills. Literally. With a revamped offensive line, and a stable of strong workhorse running backs, the success of this team rests on the shoulders of QB Chewa Ravioli. If the defense can keep up their strong performance, and the offense can put it all together, they can make some noise in the playoffs. ​​ Hard Schlock Stadium Play against or as the Krakens at Hard Schlock Stadium. This stadium may look like a sunny day at the beach, with its water moats and palm trees, but it’s more like a beach that’s about to be hit by HURRICANE BRICKA! The field is sand, littered with treacherous Piranha Pits and Mutant Worm hazards. Theme Song Celebration Nation Written by: Ty Noam Frankel, Nitai C Boschma, Andrey Vladimirovich Tatarinov Courtesy of APM Music