Motor Mash


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Get Into the Mash! And Get into the 3D Cartoon Madness, 12 different cars and drivers in a fast, varied, style and weapons, lots of weapons! Motor Mash is a top down racer where your race against three other opponents over six worlds. The six worlds, Amazon, Wild West, Nightmare, City, Arctic, and Atlantic each have eight courses to choose from to race on in single race mode. You can choose from a variety of different characters to race as. The different characters that you choose from are as follows, Pilot, Cornet, Hippy, Cabby, Prof, Gangsta, Explora, Astro, Builda, Diva, and Pretty. There are six modes of play in the game, single race, practice, knockout, league, team play, and beat-the-clock. Have the must fun by playing local multiplayer with your friends!