Monster Roadtrip – Playable Character – Juan


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THE JUAN AND ONLY! Go on a magical trip by playing as Juan, the Not-So-Small-Anymore Magical Latino Cat! (Although now that school is over and there’s no other twenty-something Juan you can just call him “Juan”) He looks a bit different, doesn’t he? What is it? Maybe he got a new haircut? Juan is a bold fun character that never takes himself very seriously. A charming person who lives life with gusto! Celebrate Juan’s growth: from an NPC who was mentioned in just a couple lines; to a mini-game NPC who appeared every now and then; to a fully playable character with lots of art. Back then you couldn’t see Juan; now you can’t NOT see him! With Juan, your road trip will be abs-olutely fantastic! Please note that DLCs are not available for Linux.