Midnight Scenes: From the Woods Soundtrack


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Midnight Scenes: From the Woods Soundtrack. Get spooked by these music tracks composed by Octavi Navarro himself. It includes 18 music pieces in MP3. TRACKLIST Therapy 1:21 Fernwood Creek 1:44 The Arrival 2:14 New Mate 1:16 Elijah 0:38 Oliver 1:06 The Tour 1:38 Ms. Murphy 2:04 Late At Night 0:58 Shower Time 0:43 Grace 1:26 Roots 1:03 The Big Oak 0:26 Looking For Oliver 2:22 Memories 0:57 Mother 0:58 The Chair 2:01 A New Beginning 0:44 Every purchase of the Soundtrack DLC will help us on creating future games. Thank you!