Liminal Border Part II


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A visual novel, second game of a four-part series. CHARACTERS Kotoko Teshigawara (Voice: Ion Momoyama) A student in the grade above our protagonist at the same school, and the heroine of Part II. Her father the boss of a crime syndicate, Kotoko still has a sense of what is just and right. With Itsuki and the gang in twenty million yen of debt, she hopes to be of at least some use to them, having herself given permission for their business. Thanks to rumors about the daughter of a crime lord attending the school, Kotoko spends a lot of time alone, without anyone she can truly call a friend. Unfamiliar with romance, she puts on a brave front when the topics arises despite her internal unrest. She likes stationery and accessories with panda designs on. Meryl Hathaway (Voice: Nene Arisu) Due to her slight build and indifferent temperament, she gives off the impression of being fragile. However, she proves to have extraordinary skills when handling emergencies. She likes sweet things. Meryl seems to stand on an equal footing with Kotoko, and the Yakuza treat her with the utmost respect. Rin Akinashi (Voice: Cyclamen Kaori) The protagonist’s long-time acquaintance and fellow classmate. A paragon of perfection with good looks, exemplary behavior, and excellent grades, she’s popular with boys and girls alike at school. However, this is merely a mask, hiding the cunning, scheming vixen she really is. Despite having been raised in a wealthy environment, she has an extreme attachment to money, and earns a fortune working with Hina to operate a large scale business of her own. When trouble arises in her business venture with Itsuki, she at first attempts to wash her hands of it, but thanks to Hina’s intervention she remains to search for solutions with the rest of the gang. She is meticulous in hiding her own footsteps, and never makes contact with anyone other than Itsuki and Hina. Hina Yorozuya (Voice: Suzu Sazanami) Itsuki’s classmate. Hina has her share of unsavory friends, but is herself friendly and likable. She places her full trust in Itsuki, and the two of them have overcome dangerous situations together. While she and Itsuki are not lovers, they do share a connection of sorts. Currently a party to Rin’s business, she also aids Itsuki and the gang in their venture. Tatsuya Yorozuya (Voice: Ii Kinniku) Hina’s older brother. A student at the delinquent-filled so-called “Badman Academy,” he is also the leader of DREAD. Similar to Hina, he isn’t choosy about the methods he uses to earn money for reasons of his own and doesn’t hesitate to resort to violence at times. With the Yakuza at his back, his money-making activities are a far cry from your average student’s. He sees Itsuki as a friend, and Itsuki trusts him in return. Shiori Iida (Voice: Nanoka Osaka) The schoolgirl responsible for Itsuki and the gang being saddled with twenty million yen of debt. The owner of a strong sense of self-preservation, Shiori blames any inconvenient truth on others. It seems she has been attending school as though nothing happened ever since the incident. While she puts on a refined act at school, in reality she is anything but. Koji (Voice: nozoru) A student at Badman Academy and a former member of DREAD. Disappeared after attempting to steal the video from Itsuki. Shoji (Voice: Sho Sakuma) A teacher at Badman Academy, Shoji is a regular customer of Rin and Hina’s business. With strong connections to other such regular customers, he actively cooperates with Itsuki and Hina. A basically decent person—despite some of his more “unusual” preferences. Shinonome (Voice: Cho Koon) An executive in the “Umon-kai” Yakuza syndicate. In charge of the Umon-kai’s criminal dealings, he is Tatsuya’s direct boss. Unerringly obedient to the orders of syndicate boss Goro, he is extremely sharp-witted. Goro Teshigawara (Voice: Gunso Hatoman) The leader of the “Umon-kai” Yakuza syndicate and Kotoko’s father. Despite the nature of the family business, he wishes for a normal life for his daughter.STORYRin Akinashi and Itsuki Ninomae embark on a certain “business venture” using a video of Itsuki’s creation. Rin’s business partner, Hina Yorozuya, enlists her brother Tatsuya’s aid, and the group gradually begins to make a success of their business, although not without some trouble along the way. However, a certain incident leaves them saddled with twenty million in debt to the Yakuza. Hoping to break free of this situation, Itsuki and the gang make contact with Kotoko Teshigawara, the daughter of the syndicate’s boss, with the aim of forming an alliance. Their enemy: A crime lord. Their target: His daughter. Can our heroes survive in the face of overwhelming violence? This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. Buying this game on GOG you will receive a censored version of the game.