Leo the Lion’s Puzzles


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Leo The Lion’s Puzzles, after Leo The Lion, is another game that focuses on the friendly lion and his adventures. This time Leo has to solve countless puzzles in three different sceneries – jungle, underwater and the North Pole. Each environment has its appropriate animal inhabitants. You will meet a fish called The Hammer, Shark the Sharky, a crocodile, playful monkeys, seals, mysterious yeti and many more! Leo will have various tools and items at his disposal (eg. stones, sticks, balloons, fire) to help him handle all the obstacles that his journey presents to him. Key features: educational aspects – kids (but not only) will have to put some thought into the puzzles to figure them out having an idea is just one part of the success – the rest comes down to precision hints are becoming available for those stuck in their adventure plenty of funny items and combinations to explore while solving the puzzles all objects are affected by gravity and physics Leo The Lion’s Puzzles was inspired by The Incredible Machine so check it out if you like the other title!