Legendary Hoplite: Ajax’s Trial


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The full version of Legendary Hoplite is coming soon! You can wishlist it here This version allows you to experience the beginning of the game and get a taste of the thrilling gameplay. Prepare to experience the trial from Ajax, featuring 7 levels and a boss fight in Legendary Hoplite: Ajax’s Trial the prologue version of the game Face 7 Levels and a Boss Battle Face the challenge of 7 distinct levels, each filled with hordes of mythic monsters. Test your skills against a boss at the end of your journey. Customize Your Build Create your own build by experimenting with different gear combinations that you find along the way. Discover the perfect fit for your playstyle. Power Up Your Army Upgrade your army and combine them with the Hero to become even more powerful and confront the enemy. Mini But Mighty Take a break from the main game and play a thrilling minigame that’s included in the prologue version.