Learning Factory AI Generated Soundtrack


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Machine Learning is evolving really fast and one of the most cutting-edge applications of it is content (texts, images, music, 3D models, etc.) generation. You can read more about this by searching for terms like Machine Learning Transformers and Generative Adversarial Networks. It’s hard to believe that now we can generate content with Machine Learning in quality which was unimaginable 1-2 years ago. That’s why we decided to rely on Machine Learning generative tech while composing music for the game. This is how this soundtrack was born, we call it Original Generated Soundtrack. All tracks were generated (and handpicked from dozens of variants, oh, that was a really long process) by an AI system developed by super talented people from Mubert company. Tracks names were generated with GPT-3 model created by OpenAI. Quality: MP3 320kbps TRACK LISTING [3:00] Factory Blueprints [3:00] Fluroscope [3:00] Then, who are you? [3:00] Blue Dream [3:00] Gnome Attack [3:00] Waiting Room [3:00] Peek an Easy One