Last Train Home – Legion Tales


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Experience new, exhilarating stories from the Czechoslovak Legion on their odyssey home. Join Zoltan, a seasoned veteran and master storyteller, as he fondly recalls tales of courage and brotherhood from those who fought on the frontline. While his heroic accounts may be prone to exaggeration and misremembering, what truly matters is that they make for an unforgettable story! Discover Fresh Missions: Legion Tales introduces a collection of new, self-contained missions designed to test your skills and decision-making abilities. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, these missions promise an electrifying experience that enriches the world of Last Train Home. Replayable Challenges: The adventure doesn’t conclude after completing each story. Legion Tales presents a variety of challenges that will compel you to scrutinize your abilities and refine your strategies. Your approach for each mission is entirely in your hands, offering boundless replay potential. Explore Diverse Locations: As you delve into the multifaceted stories within Legion Tales, you’ll traverse uncharted areas within the Last Train Home journey – from bustling metropolises to eerie wilderness.