Jenni’s DONG has got it GOIN’ ON: The Jenni Trilogy


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This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. Three remastered erotic classics, one big meaty package! Get a peek into the life of Jenni- a cock hungry slut who knows how to have a good time. This intersex bombshell loves to tease her latest playthings, and it looks like she’s got her sights locked onto you next! Revisiting your favorites- the Jenni trilogy features improvements and new features! GALLERY MODE: Quickly access your favorite pics you’ve unlocked- again, again, and again! UPDATED ART: Higher resolution exports alongside re-drawn and touched up illustrations! NEW FUNCTIONALITY: Save states, full screen support, speed selector, music toggle! Jenni Truth or Dare: You’re bored one day and Jenni challenges you to a naughty variation of truth or dare. If you’re able to keep her entertained, you will be rewarded for your efforts! Jenni Wrong Number: New phone, who dis? After a case of mistaken identity, you’re given an eyeful of texts and photos you will never forget. Can you keep the conversation going? Jenni’s New Friend: Always the heart of the party- Jenni has an easy time “getting along” with others, and she wants to show off her new friends! Help her enjoy her night out!