Iratus: Lord of the Dead – Supporter Pack


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This is a collection of bonus content for those who wish to go the extra mile to support the developers of Iratus: Lord of the Dead. As the game evolves, more items will be added to the Supporter Pack during the development period. What do I get as a supporter today? The entire „Iratus: Lord of the Dead“ soundtrack. Gloomy, foreboding and evocative: Feel like the vexed necromancer Iratus himself while listening to the game’s epic soundtrack! Exclusive skins for all the minions. Would you like your undead servants shiny, more putrid or extra repulsive? These skins give you more options to assemble the undead freak show of your dreams. The official „Iratus: Lord of the Dead“ artbook and strategy guide. Get exclusive insights into the development history of Iratus and tweak your tactics to beat even the most difficult challenges the game has to offer (available in English, Russian and Chinese)! Exclusive minion —“The Infested”. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support!