Interstellar Space: Genesis

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DLC AvailableInterstellar Space: Genesis – Natural Law Interstellar Space: Genesis – Evolving Empires Reviews “ISG shows tremendous sophistication and design aptitude, and we ended up with a solid, traditional 4X game that brings along a host of subtle, but impactful design innovations. On that basis alone, it’s worth a serious look.” Recommended – Oliver “Mezmorki” Kiley (for eXplorminate) “For an Indie game, it successfully fills a niche that has a particular demand and does it with enough self-awareness to avoid being a stale experience or a cynical moneygrab. It is a proof of concept that an old genre can be resurrected. A return to a genre classic with meticulous attention to what fans of 4X Space empire builders crave.” 4/5 – Strategy Gamer “Being an entirely indie production, the result is nothing short of incredible.” 8.5/10 – IlVideogioco TestimonialsYou know, they have done a good job, it has all the good stuff that you want in a game. The type of game that I like anyway. It’s really quite good. – Time and Tactics (Let’s Play) This is a game that has got a lot to like about it. The gameplay, the game design is very, very solid and the information it presents is also very, very good.- DasTactic Interstellar Space: Genesis has a number of unique gameplay features and is recommended so far to fans of 4X games. – James Allen (Out of Eight) You are among the latest, and perhaps the last, of the challengers to undertake this great journey into the stars. While the universe may be ancient, you and your rivals are still young. As you compete with one another for control of this galaxy, there are others, far older and more powerful than you, who watch from a distance with unknown intentions. It is time for you to prove your empire deserves to rule this galaxy, once and for all. You may prove worthy after all, but worthy of what? It is up to you to Discover the Unknown… Interstellar Space: Genesis takes classic turn-based space 4X strategy mechanics, adds in a few twists of its own, and tosses them in with several brand new mechanics to create a truly unique entry into the genre. It also aims to provide a lack of burdensome micromanagement and an emphasis on the best aspects of classic 4X space strategy games. Construct your galaxy.Play as one of six distinct races, each with their own abilities, advantages, and backgrounds. Design custom races with their own ideal worlds, racial traits, and unique game-changing abilities. Craft your own experience and set your own pace using customized difficulty settings, per empire sliders, victory conditions, and galaxy size settings. Navigate through randomized tech and culture trees or follow the galaxy’s natural order. Discover the galaxy’s secrets.Reveal mysteries throughout the game via unique exploration mechanics and events. Detect black holes, neutron stars, planets and other systems using remote exploration technology. Unearth ancient ruins to discover treasures, technologies or talented individuals. Experience the freedom of interstellar travel that is limited only by your empire’s supply chain. Broaden your horizons.Establish and conquer settlements and outposts to expand your empire. Find ideal worlds or adapt them to your race using terraforming and planetary engineering projects. Develop your colonies and behold their animated environments and handcrafted worlds. Exploit asteroids and strategic resources for production, profit, or research. Outclass your foes.Engineer custom ships capable of crushing your enemies in turn-based tactical combat. Engage in diplomacy to pursue trade, sign treaties, forge alliances or conduct military negotiations. Destroy enemy worlds using powerful bombs or send in your assault troops to take what is yours. Deploy leaders undercover to learn secrets, destroy facilities or locate potential defectors in espionage missions. Advance beyond your ancestors.Oversee unique leaders each with personalities, desires, traits, skills and opinions that truly matter. Evolve your race’s culture and celebrate their talents and specializations. Reduce burdensome micromanagement through refined implementations of classic mechanics. Make compelling decisions that define your empire’s destiny.PRAXIS GAMES A word on our company and our values. Praxis Games was born from the passion of playing video games for the PC, strategy games in particular. Single-player experiences at heart. We exist to please the fans. To make the games you want to play, again and again. We believe that games should serve three purposes: to entertain, to inspire and to help educate. In that regard, our games are crafted to be a lot of fun, in order to make you lose the track of time. They will inspire you by putting you in command and in control of something bigger than yourself. And finally, our games are deep, rich in detail and made as accurate as possible because we want to help challenge your critical thinking skills, stimulate