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This original soundtrack features an array of musicians and genres. 18 Songs ranging from rock, metal, hip hop, funk and jazz. This album is a fusion of music scoring your battle against the Mechs. A guitar can explore any sound… the possibilities are infinite! The Infinite Guitars Soundtrack is composed by Nikko Ronsayro, Twinkle Park, Fat Bard, Daryl Barnes, Izuna Drop, Louie Zong, Ponpoko In the Distance, Shady Cicada, Skybridge, Carlos Eiene and 2Mello. TRACK LISTING [1:07] Ba Sura [1:31] Fight Burst [2:04] Hyper Current [1:19] Rapid Accent [2:09] Rising Tides [2:06] Modular Echoes [1:32] Revel Madness [1:35] Light Beams [1:41] Break Revolver [1:29] Broken Blues [2:07] Death Dragon [1:12] Metal Zero [1:38] Shadow Distortion [1:40] Freestyle Corruption [1:50] Jazz Breaker [1:49] World Map Theme [1:53] Reflect [2:36] Noise Limiter