Industry Giant

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If you want to collect all Giant titles, check the amazing Giant Bundle When Industry Giant was originally released in 1997 the world was in financial chaos and experiencing shocking events that would ripple down through history. The world of chess was shocked and some would say this was the end of the game. Deep Blue chess-playing computer defeated chess champion, Garry Kasparov, Stock markets around the world crashed because of a global economic crisis scare. So, when this game was launched onto the gaming market, the question remained – could you do a better job? That’s why in Industry Giant you have to find a route to profit and prove your management skills while experiencing the soaring heights and the shattering depths of the surrounding financial market. A factory, a store, and some lorries – a simple beginning can be the start of an illustrious career! Build all types of factories, buy raw materials at a bargain and manufacture the products that will bring you fame and fortune. All you need now is the right advertising strategy – and watch the tills in your newly opened stores fill up. See what you can do in the toy and sports goods industry. Earn your money from jewelry and furniture. And be prepared for the challenges of the emerging computer age. The automobile and electronics industries will make demands on your organizational skills. What is the competition up to? Are they starting to become a nuisance? Then buy them out so that no one will be able to stop you on your path to success! Industry Giant is a highly engaging business simulation game that combines a simple interface with a high degree of gameplay complexity. Features:Economic strategy simulation in real-time An infinite number of game worlds All kinds of industries and over 30 types of products Up to three intelligent computer opponents Lots of exciting careers and single missions to explore