Iconoclasts – Soundtrack

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This is the official Soundtrack of Iconoclasts. Relive the heart-wrenching epic in MP3 format. Track list: Prelude (Opening) Nuts and Bolts (Title) Robin (Blockrock) Home (Robin’s House) Controlled Cacophony (Battle 1) Brackish (Agents Theme) Family (Settlement 17) Dance of Desires (Mina’s Theme) Machines (Battle 2) Chile (Shard Wasteland) Impressionables (Battle 3) Preacher (Chrome’s Theme) Royalty (Royal’s Theme) Youth March Perished (Game Over) Ocean Ripple (Isilugar) Nomads (Isilugar Depths) Raison d’ĂȘtre Sole Concern Whiteout (VS Agent White) Under Siege Strait Song (Glass Strait) Unwanted Stranger (Blockrock Raining) Revelatory Rhythm Charged Atmosphere (Ferrier Shockwood) Indoctrination (The Tower) Duel (VS Silver Watchman) Ragtime Darkness (Dark Cave) Far Reaches (Darland Ascent) Omega (VS Omega Wheel) Poison Blood (Ash’s Theme) Greater Good (One Concern) Jet Black (VS Black) Base Ivory Towers (City One) Mother (VS Oedipuss) Blessed Creations (Bastion) Chemical Reaction (VS Mendeleev) Fight Unseen (VS Nobel) Moonlight (VS Ivory Beast) Ways Lost (Blockrock Final) Psychopomp (VS Mother’s Corners) Memento Mori (VS Fitzroy) Descent (Impact Zone) Conscience Cosmic Event (Final Battle 1) Castle Doctrine (Final Battle 2) Rebirth Respite (Credits) Get Ready (Release Date Trailer)