Holy Paladin Cynthia UNRATED


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UNRATED DLC brings additional adult content to the game. A classic RPG about one girl’s journey to save the world—and become a true Holy Paladin!      10 hours of gameplay   A JRPG from veteran doujin creators   Though the world is a safer place following the Demon King’s defeat, there is still no end in sight to the havoc caused by various lesser fiends. To subdue them, the Order of the Knights is formed at the royal capital.  This is the tale of one such paladin–a young heroine named Cynthia.  Born in the capital, Cynthia grew up admiring her late father, a great knight and swordsman who defended both queen and country. Now she, too, hopes to follow in his steps as a protector of the people!  As soon as she is old enough, she signs up for the knight trials with gusto…  But for her ultimate trial, she must venture deep into the forest, then bring back a broken branch from the Sacred Tree as proof. Having often played there as a young child with her father, Cynthia thinks nothing of the task expected of her, until…  She discovers a strange cave there that she doesn’t remember at all! What’s more, a girl appears before her, claiming to be a Mana Spirit. The stranger informs her that she has summoned Cynthia there to warn her of recent enemy gatherings, and asks for her help. Apparently, Cynthia’s altruism is just what the world needs!  When Cynthia agrees to investigate the matter, the Mana Spirit even offers to grant her special power…      An altruistic but airheaded girl who is at once earnest, gentle-natured, and considerate of others.  However, she also screws up constantly, often landing herself in compromising situations.  She is also a bit naive and thus easily hoodwinked by certain types…  Thankfully, she excels at physical feats, and her magic isn’t too shabby in battle either.  Endlessly cheerful and positive, her strong resolve gets her through every time.    A girl wizard with a prickly exterior and a strong sense of justice.  Originally Cynthia’s superior in their kingdom’s Order of the Knights, she is brave and wise, even commanding the front lines on occasion.  Having grown up in an orphanage after her family was killed by monsters, she has a hard time opening up to others and often says things that drive people away. Because of this, she’s a bit of a loner. Not because of this, she’s also terrible at sports… This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work.