Holy Maid Academy UNRATED


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UNRATED DLC brings additional adult content to the game. GAMEPLAY & FEATURES 1 hours of story  Full Japanese voice acting by seasoned professionals STORY Since its inception by the Nishiki family—a longstanding powerhouse in the local area—St. Martius Academy has served as a center of education for generations of maids.  When Ryunosuke Kokuto receives a personal invitation from the chairman of this respected edifice to serve as a professor, he doesn’t say no to the opportunity. CHARACTERS   Sakura Hatoba  Voice: Kazane  The older of the two Hatoba twins. Sakura is physically frail and spent years in the hospital when she was younger, which is why she’s a year below her sister as a freshman.  Nonetheless, she is unfailingly polite and treats everyone to her gentle smiles—so she’s quickly building a fanbase among the student body.    Fujine Hatoba  Voice: Miya Serizono  The younger Hatoba twin and a second-year student, Fujine adores her sister Sakura so much that she sticks to her like glue whenever they go. Excelling at sports, she’s also in the lacrosse club.  Easygoing and cheerful almost to the point of idiocy, but also naturally beautiful, she’s uninterested in romance despite the number of students with crushes on her. She would much rather focus on sports and, of course, her big sister.    Wakako Suo  Voice: Aoi Kozuki  A third-year student and Miyu’s childhood friend. Having recently arrived as a transfer student, this rich princess’s pride is high; her will, unflinching.  She’s a quick study but not so good at exercise. The younger girls hold her in the highest esteem.    Miyu Tokiwa  Voice: Mari Oda  Miyu, a first-year student, seems cute but can come off as cold and aloof. Her family sold her to the Nishikis’ service after submitting to their power, so she attends St. Martius to learn the maidly arts.  She distances herself from those around her—even Wakako—but only because she’s afraid that she’ll drag them down with her if they learn of her circumstances.    Henrika Mori  Voice: Mikoto Kisaragi  Hailing from Scandinavia, Henrika is Rin’s mother and the wife of Chairman Mori. Still, in her late twenties, she appears younger than she is, making it hard to believe that she’s already a mom. She works as her husband’s assistant and provides foreign language classes to the students part-time.    Rin Mori  Voice: Soyogi Tohno  The half-Japanese daughter of Chairman Mori and Henrika. She’s the complete opposite of her father—tiny, innocent, and as cute as a button.   This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work.