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The full version of Highrise City is available on GOG.com. You can purchase it here Highrise City is the next evolution of City Simulations. Experience a modern take on the genre enriched with a complex resource based economy system. Highrise City combines two genres in new and interesting ways: City Builders and traditional Economy & Resource Management Simulations. Highrise City offers you challenging gameplay and gives you all the possibilites and tools you need to create a living and breathing city. Take care of your city and make it grow and flourish into a giant Metropolis! Plan your Megacity In Highrise City you do not only build a city, you also actively manage it by handling the economical supply for it. Organize and build resource-routes in an efficient way and make sure your economy is well balanced to guarantee a steady growth. By doing so you will be able to create megacities like you’ve never seen in a game before. Features Up to one million inhabitants per city 5 different population classes 50 different ressources Up to 30.000 buildings per city Up to 5.000 cars and vehicles per scene Up to 20.000 people per scene Cities can become as big as 194 sq km Adjustable difficulty levels for beginners and advanced players Improve the city with laws and technology researches Resource trading to balance your economy Enjoy your work Once you managed to create a prosperous and growing city, time has come for fine tuning and further growth. But in the meantime you should also take a break and just enjoy what you have created. Watch the people filling the streets and minding their business. In Highrise City you can see thousands and thousands of people and cars in the same scene filling your city with life. Full mod support You want to implement your own buildings? Your own skyscrapers? Change the whole balancing, include your own types of streets? No problem. Highrise City is 100% modable – and it is as easy as it can be. An integrated building editor will allow you to easily develop and implement an individual look for your custom city.