Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast


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The full version of Hellpoint is available on GOG.com. You can buy it here The Thespian Feast is a free sequel-like chapter of Hellpoint, a dark and challenging action RPG where the line between science and occultism is unclear. Many decades after the incident, someone finally manages to reach the forsaken space colony of Irid Novo. What the investigator finds, defies any form of reason, but a morbid obsession pushes him forward. If death doesn’t come first, insanity will surely have the better of him. Words from the Disciple of the Prying EyeCongratulations! Only the most inquisitive minds end up here before their time comes. What is your purpose, Spawn? Have you ever asked the question? The ethers of truth are just out of reach, irrelevantly close. But proof is needless, judgement is within. The wicked, darkened, smothering demons that claw at the mind shall soon manifest in flesh and blood, for a feast of legends. Here’s a clue: those who never find superior revelations are never looking low enough.