Gravewood High – Chapter 1


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The first chapter of Gravewood High’s single player campaign. Several students have gone missing at Gravewood High and none of the adults seem to have noticed. Together with your friend Erin you have to confront the cunning Teacher, reach the mysterious Tower and figure out what is behind the madness that has permeated the walls of Gravewood High. The mystery may just capture your mind and refuse to let go. Key Features Level 1 – consists of 5 different segments, including the ominous Tower. The average time of one playthrough is 1-3 hours. Dynamic environment – the school’s layout changes with each run and the interior can be destroyed by both the player and the Teacher, creating a tense and unique adventure. Tricky opponent – as the game progresses, the Teacher becomes smarter and much more dangerous. While Mr. Hyde remains in his human form in the first level, there are several nasty traps in his arsenal, so watch out! An elaborate mystery spanning centuries – the game’s plot plunges you into the atmosphere of several iconic periods of history – from the wild 80s to the American Civil War.