GoNNER Soundtrack


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Presenting the original GoNNER Press Jump to Die soundtrack by Joar “Regular Graphics” Renolen with additional samples by Martin “Huggy Bear” Kvale and featuring additional artists Thor Baukhol and Daniel Reichelt (track: Old Rusty Gureddo) Cover art by Niklas “El Huervo” Åkerblad Track listing: 01 Over the top sh*t 02 Snake chase 03 The Janky Tune 04 The swamps 05 Three fat bats 06 Happy Sally 07 Descent 08 The caves 09 Old Rusty Gureddo 10 Neglect 11 Among the bones 12 Press jump to die 13 Hets Theme 14 Sopp 15 Press jump to funk 16 Så takk