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Full version of GLITCHED is coming soon! You can wishlist it here JOIN US ON DISCORD When a glitch appears in the video game world of Soren, an NPC named Gus becomes aware of you- the player. Travel together to solve the mystery of the glitch and save Gus’s friends, hometown, and digital world. As the story unfolds, Gus might start to question what role you play in his world. Making choices will change Gus’s essence. His essence determines his personality, grants him new powers, and causes characters to react differently to him. There are six different essences and playing as each will provide a unique experience. Not only will your choices affect Gus’s essence, but they will have a real impact on the world and characters. Make each choice carefully. What content you can experience will depend on your choices. Sometimes your choices will open up tons of new events, and other times you’ll stop quests before they can even begin. Consequences can be both good and bad. Experience can be used to patch glitches, allowing you to access new areas and progress the story. Every activity in the game gives experience. Players are free to take on the content they want. Join the Hero Academy, raise bebos, go exploring, or kick back with your party members. No matter what you decide to do, you’ll be gaining experience and furthering your story progression. Any time during your adventure, you can talk to Gus. You will learn about each other as you talk about his life, his surroundings, the world of Soren, existence, or whatever random thought pops into his head. As the game progresses, Gus will slowly become aware that you aren’t just a visitor in his world… but something else entirely. There are no random encounters or grinding in GLITCHED. Fights only happen when characters in the world want to make a situation go their way. The story will change based on if you win or lose, so you’ll almost never see a game over screen. The turn-based combat uses a unique system with skills, energy, and quirks to keep every fight engaging. Collect different skills for your many allies and build a team to your liking. 20+ potential party members Raise bebos and enjoy that sweet monster-raising RPG content A friendship & romance system for party members Tons of achievements Every object has unique flavor text (yes, every object. thousands of objects) Tons of outfits that change up all party members Cool and weird equipment Multiple endings Frogs A large and varied soundtrack with 100+ songs Tons of magic spells that have different effects on things while exploring A day & night system Looming existential dread as Gus slowly realizes he lives inside a video game Cool and wacky characters An arcade mode to take on unique and challenging battles