Gerda: A Flame in Winter – Liva’s Story


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Become the leader your team needs you to be in Liva’s Story. Play as Liva – the Sparrow – after she and her small group of Resistance members are forced to flee Copenhagen and retreat to the small village of Tinglev. Desperate and downtrodden, the mission remains: regroup, patch up your wounds, and hit the German army again using sabotage, infiltration, spying, and even assassination. Opposite to Gerda’s empathic approach, Liva is not afraid of using violence and often struggles to tell revenge from justice. You will have to carefully balance her fury towards the enemy, duty towards her mission and country, and care for her teammates. A good leader is a good listener: your small team of 4 have different opinions and attitudes. They will challenge you as well as seek guidance and support as they risk certain death for Denmark. Will you become the leader your team needs?