Gas Station Simulator – Party Time DLC


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The party is about to start with new content in this free DLC. A party venue, collectables, popularity boosts and ice cream to get everyone excited! Let the party begin There is nothing like a cool night party in the middle of nowhere. When the normal customer traffic goes down, this might be another revenue stream to open up. Create a great party spot to attract people, offer them interesting products and cater to their needs. The more successful your parties and the more the partygoers are satisfied, the more money you earn and the bigger the party. More Popularity Parties are also a great tool to boost your popularity, especially for those struggling with increasing popularity at higher levels. Each upgrade of your venue spot open new opportunities for popularity boots as an added bonus to all the other rewards. Ice Cream Time Party Time introduces the ice cream stand with its own mini-game and interactions to not only complement the party time theme further, but also give you another thing to do on your gas station. The more variety the better. And More There is more. Little things and not so little ones, like a tablet type device allowing you access the PC from anywhere. No more running halfway across the gas station to check on something or set something up. And we are introducing collectables that can be found throughout the game.