Forsaken Quartet UNRATED


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UNRATED DLC brings additional adult content to the game.     You wake up on your favorite beach, your estranged childhood friend standing over you. The last thing you remember is collapsing from the illness that coursed through the world. How did you and your three companions survive? Is there anyone else left?  As you struggle to survive, you find many questions left unanswered… It’s up to you to uncover the truth.    Spend time with the other survivors and get to know them better. Grow closer as you and your companions work together to uncover the mysteries in this story-driven visual novel.          A Romance-Mystery Visual Novel  Speak to the other survivors, grow closer, start a romance… and find out the truth.  Hand Drawn Art  The characters are brought to life in beautifully hand-drawn art.  Many Endings to Uncover  How well will your romance go? Will you uncover the mysteries and find true love with your beloved, or will your trust break down when the obstacles emerge? This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work.