Filthy Us: Complete Edition


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DESCRIPTION At the beginning of the Millennium, in a place in northwest China, a murder caused a temporary public uproar. Before dying, the murderer fiercely clenched a broken piece of a broken Buddha statue, and his strong resentment attracted the attention of “The Nothingness”. As you dive deeper into the filth and story, you’ll discover a peculiar arson murder case of an entire family that took place a decade ago. Was this a natural disaster? What lurks behind this mysterious Buddha statue? In this filthy land of grievances, there are unknown secrets buried beneath. EXPLORE Follow in the footsteps of the characters as they step onto the black ship and uncover the hidden truths. PLAY AS MULTIPLE CHARACTERS You can also alternate between several other characters to restore the truth behind the tragedy through different perspectives. GAMEPLAY Characters: The exclusive BGM of each character aptly expresses their own character and destiny. Buddhist Elements: Blending the Buddhist scriptures with various styles of music, each scene and each bodhisattva has a deep and rich moral meaning. Visuals: No longer limited to the traditional 2D game graphics and transitions, a large number of cinematic camera language expressions are used to enhance the player’s playing experience. Story: Not only is there a rich contextual story, but there are also many secrets hidden for you to discover.