Fatal Twelve Mini Voice Drama

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The mini voice drama CD which was made possible by the Fatal Twelve Kickstarter Campaign. *Please Note* The drama CD contains major spoilers to Fatal Twelve and it is highly recommended that the game is cleared before listening to it. This drama CD contains 3 tracks: A Day in the Life of the Goddess: A story featuring Parca. How does she spend her free time before Divine Selection? May 6th: A post-game story about Rinka and her friends at the amusement park, Stardust Kingdom Present: This is a secret story, so please enjoy it after completing the game! Drama CD Cast Eriko Matsui as Rinka Shishimai Asuka Kakumoto as Naomi Hitsuji Yuri Komagata as Miharu Mishima Kanako Nomura as Goddess Parca Koto Nagatsuka Rinne Toyama Hasumi Drama CD Staff Scenario: Akeo Music: Low Music Production: Giraffe Inc.