DROS Soundtrack

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This is the original soundtrack for the game Dros, composed by Arovane, and created over a period of four years. It’s an album that has electronic ambient synths mixed with delicate organic samples. Dros is set in a vast alchemy tower that’s inhabited by many odd and strange beings. The soundtrack will take you on a glitchy journey through the tower, from the depths of the overgrown Sewers through to the heights of The Distillery. Sit back and let it soak in. TRACK LISTING [2:33] Luna [3:09] Duality [1:41] Quarantined [1:41] Enkis Errand [3:52] Bloodrock [1:52] Out of the Sewer [2:41] Arrival of The Alchemist [2:15] Delicate Being [2:54] The Alembic Flask [2:45] Lilies [0:59] A Way Out [1:22] Mangroves [7:09] Aqua fortis [2:53] Aqua regia [1:08] Place Your Bets [2:33] Soul [0:59] Disturbed Atmosphere [0:42] Alchemist and the Flute [4:14] Ambient Abscess [1:00] Distorted Vision [5:08] Ambient Pieces [2:00] Arcana [2:30] Little Dros Scape [1:44] Moderata Prima [1:16] Infinite Rhythm [0:38] Prima Core [4:00] Escape the Lab [2:36] A Slow Burn [1:29] Something Sinister [2:28] Split in Two [0:34] The Ambush [2:08] The Biosphere [1:57] Quarantined Orchestra Version [1:35] The Cage Melody [0:34] The Distillery Aerate [0:54] The Hideout [2:54] Together Apart [3:16] Touchstone [0:34] United [3:17] Liquid Flow [0:42] The Flute [4:51] Waterworks [5:00] Welcome to Nethertown [4:03] Upward Path [2:41] Melancholy Machine [2:08] Rectify [3:02] Rebirth [1:28] Reborn Piano