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This FIRST-EVER dragon combat simulator lets you fly the mighty dragons of Krynn into fierce combat! The War of the Lance has begun! The vile Dragon armies are on the rampage and evil dragons cast long, dark shadows across the lands of Ansalon. All hope for victory lies with the Solamnic Knights, those brave fighters who ride into aerial combat on the backs of their trusty powerful steeds — the good dragons of Krynn. But time is short and Evil is spreading. To the skies brave knight — and victory! BATTLE ENEMY DRAGONS, SHIPS, CASTLES, FLYING CITADELS AND OTHER FLYING CREATURES Witness the enemy dragons as you battle above the lands of Ansalon — from a first-person viewpoint! Dragons attack with talons, fangs and deadly breath weapons. Riders may engage the enemy with dragonlances and magical items earned during successful missions. Progress through three different orders of Solamnic Knighthood, gaining bigger, more powerful dragon mounts. Master over 20 different missions. Features a detailed, fractally-generated 3D world with mountains, plains, castles and much more!