Dr Livingstone, I Presume? – Reversed Escape Room – Digital Deluxe Edition


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Dr Livingstone, I Presume? Digital Deluxe Edition includes the game along with the soundtrack and artbook. Experience the Reversed escape roomYou’re not escaping the room. Your goal is to venture deeper and deeper into the mansion you were invited to visit. Explore many unique rooms filled with many secrets. Reach the truth and learn what’s behind the mysterious letter. Solve Complex PuzzlesTo reach the next room, you need to use your sharp mind. This African residence is full of complex and challenging puzzles. Are you sure you can solve all of them? Be thorough, be wise, explore. Unravel the mysteryYour dearest friend asks for your help in a mysterious and unexpected letter. When you step into the residence, only the silence welcomes you. You sense that something’s off. Your goal is to find out what lies behind the strange message from Dr Livingstone. Investigate carefully. Look for every clue, study every object to learn the alternate version of the story of legendary explorers of Africa. Feel the atmosphere of AfricaWander the residence filled with African-inspired art. Touch the world where every texture is hand-painted. Immerse in the story where the soundtrack is inspired entirely by African culture. Feel like a visitor in a mansion that belonged to the legendary adventurer – Dr David Livingstone.