Destiny Star Girlfriend UNRATED


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UNRATED DLC brings additional adult content to the game. GAMEPLAY & FEATURES Localized based on the 2018 Android release  Multi-choice, single-ending VN with 10 hours till credits  Award-winning graphics and theme song (“Magical Girl☆Conflict”)  Spacey visual effects, CG artwork, and anime-style sprites  Star-studded cast of professional Japanese voice talent STORY When campus nobody Seiji is attacked by unhinged space demons, it’s his classroom crush Yuuri who shows up to save the day! Her magical-girl powers easily vanquish the enemy, but a surprise ambush forces her to dive in harm’s way to shield him—leaving both fatally wounded. Luckily, Miss Fujiko arrives on the scene with an enchanted thread to bind both their life forces, sparing them from certain death.  Over the next three months as Seiji and Yuuri slowly recover, the pair are on doctor’s orders to stay within one meter of each other or risk snapping their “red string of fate.” With his dream girl only centimeters away at every waking moment, will Seiji finally summon the courage to shoot his shot? CHARACTERS   Yuuri Kamiizumi  Ichigo Momoi  A First-Class Stars bearing the name “Rigel.” As an expert manipulator of all things light magic, she pulverizes demons to dust with overwhelming baseball-themed finesse.  Popular on campus for her cute looks and nice-girl undercover persona. Beneath the mask, while still upbeat and generous, she can be conceited and a sore loser who often gets stuck on one-upping others. For all her bluster, it doesn’t take much to crack her defenses.  (Heroine of Destiny Star Girlfriend. Route not available in games 2 and 3.)  “Nuh-uh, this First-Class Stars has ZERO chinks in her armor. Not one!”    Maja Krienke  Ion Momoyama  A young woman recruited and contracted by a Majin under mysterious circumstances. As a Stars Killer, she enrolls at Seiji’s academy to defeat Yuuri, Kanoko, and the other Stars. In contrast to Yuuri’s light-wielding magic, Maja commands the darkness—and wields a mean sword to boot.  Seriously single-minded, she is above all else a warrior of her word, which only makes her Majin alliance more puzzling.  (Heroine of Destiny Star Girlfriend 2. Route not available in games 1 and 3.)  “I am Maja Krienke. Once I defeat you, I will subjugate the entire Far East!”    Kanoko Satake  Yuki Nekomura  A Stars bearing the name “Sadalmelik.” Though still a freshman, her Stars skills already surpass some of the organization’s best.  Chill and seemingly unfazed even in a pinch, she prefers to avoid social small talk, with few exceptions. Obsessed with her campus senior Yuuri as her magical-girl master and mentor, she devotes her time off to serving her every whim. Amazing in the kitchen and a wizard at domestic chores.  (Heroine of Destiny Star Girlfriend 3. Route not available in games 1 and 2.)  “I’d like nothing more than for you to rely on me for everything…”    Fujiko Yonamine  Yuuha Nitta  A retired Stars who bore the name “Ancha.” An active member of the Starry Sky Council’s East Kanagawa Branch. Revered for her powerful healing magic since her demon-vanquishing days, she continues to provide support spells while devoting her time to guiding the next generation of Stars.  Has her fair share of airhead moments, but is overall a mild-mannered pacifist. Chestily vaunted campus-wide.  “Yaaay! I got told I did a good job!”   This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work.