Demon Sword: Incubus UNRATED


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UNRATED DLC brings additional adult content to the game. OverviewUse sword and spell combos to slash and blast through hordes of attacking enemies! Guard break a boss’s defenses, find an opening, then obliterate them for good with a well-placed super deadly attack! Satisfying 3D side-scrolling action with gameplay elements inspired by weapon-based fighting games!StoryThe capital of her home kingdom has fallen to a demonic invasion… Amila, daughter of a feudal lord, now faces imminent attack as the evil forces march onward into her missing father’s territory. Left with no other options to save the kingdom, she calls upon the power of a forbidden relic left to her by her mother… …An incubus possessed sword that feeds on life energy… Characters Amila (Amiladia) The main character and daughter of a feudal lord. Takes hold of a forbidden sword to battle off a demonic invasion and avenge her missing father. A capable swordswoman granted magical powers by the Demon Sword. Demon Sword Incubus A forbidden magical sword that makes a demonic pact with Amila at the beginning of the story. Has the ability to absorb life energy and convert it into power for its wielder. Sariel Captain of the Nagus Royal Guard who has been tasked with reclaiming the land overrun by the demonic invasion. Sees Amila and the Demon Sword as a threat to her mission. Reidval The mastermind behind the demonic invasion. An evil sorcerer using the power of the Demon Stones to seize control of the land.Features Satisfying side scrolling action gameplay infused with classic fighting game elements…including input commands for special attack, guard, guard break, reflection, dash, side-step, and combos. Boss fights waiting for you at the end of every stage. Dressing Room feature that allows you to dress up and customize Amila’s appearance. A training mode for practicing and perfecting combos and special attacks. Tutorial mode for learning the basics and exploring the features of the game. Input support that allows you to assign complex command inputs to specific keys. Level up system of gaining talent points to spend on enhancing your stats and learning new abilities. Variety of adjustable traits and skills that allow you to build your character any way that you want. This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work.