Cultist Simulator: The Priest

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The PRIEST DLC is a story-focused add-on to Cultist Simulator, the award-winning Lovecraftian card game. A quiet rural parish is in need of a new priest. The arrival of one who might show them the Way has long been prophesied, and though the themes of their sermons may seem a little unorthodox, their true faith cannot be denied. Follow the path of Knock and serve your Disciples, both master and mastered. What is mortification of the flesh, set against those glorious visions of St Agnes? What the pain of this fleeting world against immortality as Martyr of the Keys? The PRIEST DLC includes: Step up to the pulpit and open the minds and hearts of your congregation. They, in turn, will open you. Become a Way that only your initiates may pass, or dwell in one who comes from Nowhere. Inspire new recruits with the fervour of your faith, and rededicate your cult at will to serve your necessary purposes. Succumb to Fascination in another playthrough to unlock the Priest Legacy.