Cryptmaster Soundtrack


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Veteran of television and game soundtracks, Surasshu brings out the best in the Cryptmaster Soundtrack! From laid back accordions of the Bonehouses, to the shredding guitar of battles, to the piper’s haunting melody, the Cryptmaster soundtrack features enough musical morsels to keep all kinds of dungeon-crawling deviants tapping their toes. Enjoy this album, created by Surasshu, composed by Steven Velma, Catton Arthur on bass and Stemage on guitar. TRACK LISTING [01:16] Cryptmaster Theme [01:35] The Four Pillars [02:27] Use Your Words [01:24] Agda the Chaste [01:38] It Sees You… [03:17] Rats! [02:35] Spell It Out [02:38] Toad Palace [03:19] Underland [03:07] Whatever [02:07] Vitus the Piper [02:12] Rumble Underground [01:36] Tomb Sweepings [02:30] Pantry [03:05] Countess Ulara [03:07] Swamp Music [01:56] Hubble Bubble [01:35] Heavy Hitter [02:36] Iss the Enticer [02:19] Loria the Fair [02:57] Klaxo the Lawless [03:09] Payn the Destroyer [01:43] For Shallya! [02:28] Bending the Law [03:18] The Downwood [01:35] It Sees You! [03:25] Audo the Pure [00:57] Cryptmaster Theme (Ending Version) [00:51] Level Up! ARTIST: surasshu COMPOSER: Steven Velema OTHER CREDITS: Catton Arthur (Bass) & Stemage (Guitar)