Craftomation 101 Demo


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This craft automation game brings you the most tempting features: Tiny robots Visual programming (for tiny robots) Crafting (performed by tiny robots) A rocket (carrying one tiny robot) Story (see below) A frozen planet to terraform You land on a frozen planet with an important mission: to make it habitable. To do that, you’d need to harvest resources, craft tools, burn fires, melt the ice, plant trees and produce oxygen. Estimated time for the task: over 9000 years. Or you can make robots to do that for you! Enter CraftoMate! They can be scripted with visual programming to perform all kinds of tasks. More importantly, they can be assembled and upgraded with surrounding materials. Even more importantly: you can program them to harvest and craft those materials and eventually become a sustainable workforce, capable of terraforming the entire planet. Just don’t forget to feed them once in a while… Though you can program them to do it themselves, too.