Children of Morta: Family Fireside Fables


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The Land of Rea has always been filled with touching tales feeding our ever-hungry imagination. The Bergson family has been collecting and re-telling those legends for generations — creating an endless library of stories — both on the pages of old books as well as inscribed in their memories. Some of them act as warnings, others are told just to make us laugh but all of them have a common intention: to inspire. Family Fireside Fables package includes six charming tales, ranging from adventurous to mysterious, read by the one and only Ed Kelly — the game’s unmistakable narrator — accompanied by exquisite soundscapes created by Uchostudio and musical fragments from Hamidreza Ansari’s extraordinary Children of Morta Official Soundtrack. This package includes: 6 sound files (.MP3) 6 video files (.MP4) A themed wallpaper (.JPG) Album cover (.JPG) Tracklist 1. Tale I: Home (by Anne Bronte) – 2:47 2. Tale II: Brother and Sister (by the Grimm Brothers) – 15:20 3. Tale III: Lucy (by George Pope Morris) – 2:06 4. Tale IV: The Turnip (by the Grimm Bothers) – 7:51 5. Tale V: The Raven (by Edgar Allan Poe) – 9:43 6. Tale VI: Mother (by Madison Julius Cawein) – 3:09