Chernobylite Soundtrack


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CHERNOBYLITE soundtrack by Mikołaj Stroiński Artist: Mikołaj Stroiński Composer: Mikołaj Stroiński Label: The Farm 51 Other Credits: Prelude To Darkness Part 4- kompozycja i wykonanie Rafał Stroiński Prelude to Darkness 1-3, Gitara- Krzysztof Łochowicz  Track list The Train Arrives Entering The Dream Forest Forest Dream Turns Nightmare The Edge And The Tree Prelude To Darkness Part One Moscow Eye Pripyat Port Kopachi Village Prelude To Darkness Part Two Outskirts Of Emotion Pripyat Center The World Of Fractals Prelude To Darkness Part Three The Control Room Mean-Spirited Playground Monster’s Proximity Monster’s Intentions Underneath The Power plant Prelude To Darkness Part Four Aberration Prison Escape Monster’s Heart Red Forest The Run In Red Forest The Hospital Of Lost Hope Towards The Reactor Room The Bad Feeling Stalker Soldiers Red Turns Dark The Palace Of Hollow Black Stalker Combat Final Walk Amongst The Fractals