Chef: Pizza & Baked Goods


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It’s time to raise the temperature and fly to a new dimension of baking! With Chef: Pizza & Baked Goods, it is finally possible to put pineapple on pizza! Are you interested in other kinds of cultural crimes? Don’t worry, because we also added several new Templates you can use to create (or ruin) many other popular recipes! Content 10 unique Templates, allowing you to create new custom recipes: Pizza, Calzone, Deep Dish Pizza, Quiche, Wrap, Tacos, Baked Dumplings, Fried Dumplings, Omelette, and Open Sandwich.  A new Skill Tree dedicated to Baked Goods, which includes 17 new Skills for your chefs.  20 tasty pre-made Recipes to inspire you.  17 new tasty ingredients.  41 new Decorations, with several variants, to put even more stuff in your restaurants.