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CANINE is a horror game about a boy looking for his dog, kidnapped by an evil corporation that runs experiments with pets. ◼ Rescue your dog Tomy in a PSX style game with a class B horror film narrative. ◼ In CANINE there are no weapons, you only have Tomy’s ball to survive. ◼ Two possible endings depending on your actions. ◼ HARDCORE mode unlockable with a 4-star score. ◼ Score system with stars and timer ◼ Use stealth to avoid a humanoid dog, or throw your ball strategically to distract him. ◼ Inmerse yourself in a survival horror game inspired by games like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alien Isolation. ◼ Multi language: English, Spanish, Chinese (simplified), Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, German. IF YOU WANT TO SURVIVE, LEARN THE ART OF THROWING THE BALL