Bright Memory: Infinite Energetic DLC


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Unlock the following skins by purchasing the Bright Memory: Infinite Energetic DLC Please note that the skins contained in this DLC can also be unlocked in-game by completing specific requirements. Please note that the game is played from a first-person perspective and cannot be changed to a third-person perspective. You will be able to view the character costumes during cutscenes.   Energetic: Shelia (Character costume) Assault Rifle: Enamel Blue (Weapon skin) Shotgun: Enamel Blue (Weapon skin) Handgun: Enamel Blue (Weapon skin) Sniper Rifle: Enamel Blue (Weapon skin) Hybrid Sword: Dragon & Tiger (Weapon skin) 4K wallpaper for PC and smartphone wallpaper (Saved in game installation folder)