Battles of Destiny


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It is the Time of Troubles. Ushered in by his Glorious Emperor, Hydrates XVII, Keeper of the Silicon Grail and Lord of the Hegemony, a millennium of peace ended in the searing hell of a forbidden technology. The Eternal City is no more, unis mundi, pluribus mundi. Who can understand the reasoning for such a thing but the perpetrators themselves? Perhaps they were among the shadowy few who referred to the Glorious Peace as the Silicon Decadence… Now the Zone Commanders race to reactivate the dust covered production centers, sending their cyborgs to gain the Core Keys of each at any cost. He who commands these factories of death controls the future of the world. The Battles of Destiny will bring forth the new Emperor. Conquer the world in Battles of Destiny, Holistic Design’s first PC game! Seek out and destroy up to three opponents in this global conquest simulation, set in a post-apocalyptic world. Unleash your power against the computer or human opponents. It’s simple to play, but only a true master will become the Emperor. Up to 4 human players or up to 3 computer players. Challenging Artificial Intelligence, with 9 difficulty levels. Air, Ground, Naval and Ranged artillery combat. 22 Different units to construct. Rich in strategy and tactics. Several terrain types and over 20 worlds to conquer. Map editor