Banner Saga – Soundtrack


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Grammy®-nominated, BAFTA-winning composer Austin Wintory presents an earthy, layered orchestral score for the single player role-playing tactical game from Stoic. Track List 1. We Will Not Be Forgotten 00:45 2. How did it come to This? 02:47 3. No Tree Grows to the Sky 02:41 4. Only the Sun has Stopped 01:20 5. Cut with a Keen-Edged Sword 03:31 6. Huddled in the Shadows 03:02 7. There is no Bad Weather 00:58 8. Teach us Luck 00:32 9. No Life Goes Forever Unbroken 02:49 10. Little Did They Sleep 02:10 11. An Unblinking Eye 01:05 12. Thunder before Lightning 02:49 13. Embers in the Wind 01:25 14. A Long Walk Stills Our Hearts 01:20 15. The Egg Cracks 02:02 16. Three Days to Cross 02:03 17. Walls no Man has Seen 01:55 18. Strewn Across a Bridge 06:03 19. Weary the Weight of the Sun 01:49 20. An Uncertain Path 02:09 21. Into Dust 02:43 22. On the Hides of Wild Beasts 01:22 23. From the Table to the Axe 01:15 24. A Sunken City 01:42 25. Our Heels Bleed from the Bites of Wolves 01:59 26. Long Past that Last Sigh 02:45 27. Of Our Bones, The Hills 10:18 28. We are all Guests upon the Land 02:21 29. Onward 03:11 Original score composed by Austin Wintory Music performed by The Dallas Winds Conducted by Jerry F. Junkin Soloists Taylor Davis, violin Peter Hollens, vocals Malukah, vocals Johann Sigurdarson, vocals Score mixed and mastered by Steve Kempster Digital Recordist: Kevin Globerman Prepared electric guitar: Mike Niemietz Didgeridoo: Randin Graves Icelandic vocals directed and casted by Rósa Guðný Þórsdóttir Icelandic translations by Davíð Þór Jónsson Icelandic vocals engineered by Friðrik Sturluson Dallas Winds Executive Director: Kim Campbell Recording engineers: Keith O. Johnson, Sean Martin Soundtrack CD produced and published by Reference Recordings