AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed – Complete Outfit Set

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Equip these outfits to cosplay as Rui Fumizuki, Sena Kitada, Mana Kitada, and Sara from AKIBA’S TRIP: Hellbound & Debriefed. This DLC will unlock all four outfits for purchase in-game. This set contains the following items: Rui Fumizuki’s Outfit White Rose (weapon), Rui’s Coat (upper wear), Rui’s Skirt (lower wear), Rui’s Underwear (underwear), Rui’s Boots (footwear) Sena Kitada’s Outfit DBP Boombox (weapon), Sena’s DBP Blouse (upper wear), Sena’s DBP Pants (lower wear), Sena’s Underwear (underwear), Sena’s DBP Boots (footwear) Mana Kitada’s Outfit DBP Microphone (weapon), Mana’s DBP Blouse (upper wear), Mana’s DBP Skirt (lower wear), Mana’s Underwear (underwear), Mana’s DBP Boots (footwear) Sara’s Outfit Sara’s Broom (weapon), Sara’s White Headdress (headgear), Sara’s Blouse (upper wear), Sara’s Skirt (lower wear), Sara’s Underwear (underwear), Sara’s Pumps (footwear) *You will need the base game (sold separately) and the latest version of the software to use this DLC.